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Need An Event Booth, Why Buy When You Can RENT?

Trade shows play a vital role in building brand awareness with customers face-to-face. Exhibiting at a trade show is an excellent approach to find customers to help your business accelerate. Trade shows are all about how you design your booth and what message it can deliver about your brand.

The fact is, exhibiting is a considerable expense of both time and money. And it stands as a living representation of your organization.

Are you tired of using the same trade show booth every year but don’t have the budget to buy the new one? We can help you with that!

Get a customized trade show booth at a fraction of the cost of a new one by renting from EXIBU.

Renting a trade show booth can be a convenient alternative to buying. It also provides the opportunity to “try before buy” so you can analyze what works best for your event and exhibiting needs. One of the greatest benefits of renting a trade show booth is the time that you will save! Renting enables you to seem larger and more extraordinary than what your budget would allow. Time, cost savings, and flexibility are key benefits to renting.

  1. Different Appearance At Every Event– Renting a booth allows you to change the configurations and graphics at each trade show. This is amazing for the companies that want a fresh new look at each event.
  2. Flexibility To Experiment – When you buy a booth, you get stuck with the same size and limitations for every event. If you rent, you can have a different configuration and you can experiment with different sizes and shapes and choose the best configuration that showcases your company and boosts your brand.
  3. Cost-Efficient– Buying a booth for every event leads to budget crises. Renting a booth can be far more cost-effective. It also helps you reduce storage, transport, and miscellaneous costs.
  4. Fewer Responsibilities– Buying a booth means being responsible for storage, maintenance, insurance, etc. But when you consider renting you just have to choose the best design for each show.

Exibu is one of the largest manufacturers of Pop-Up Trade Show Booths In India. Exibu offers you the opportunity to rent a portable booth for 7 days or 14 days. Choose the best design from for your next trade show event. Exibu’s modular display booths are perfect for exhibitors looking for a high quality design and structure to show off their brand image. Each of our booths is custom made to fit your brand’s needs. Unique products for small prices are exclusive to EXIBU.

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