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Want To Know What Our Printed Flags Can Do For Your Brand?

The outdoor flag banner stand is a high visibility feather flag stand that is designed for external use. Our clients are elated with these branded, portable and easy to set up promotional flags. Our custom flags are made from 100 % eco-friendly fabric which makes them durable and weather resistant. Many companies use this product. These flags are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It not only presents messages but also gives your business identity. Due to their huge size and color vibrancy, these flags are unmissable. These flag banner stands are available in different heights.

Easy To Set Up Advertising Flags

These flag banner stands are portable and lightweight. The flag banner stands not only easy to set up and also disassembles within a few minutes. They are easy to transport from one place to another. Our flag banner stands are very useful to cater to visitors’ attention. If you place these flag stands at a prominent position with beautiful graphics printed on it will surely compel visitors to catch a glimpse of the graphics made on the flag. You cannot imagine the kind of impact these flag banners have on the people you see it when moving outdoors.

Our flag banner stands are gaining popularity due to their portability, vibrant colors and durability. We provide cluster free advertising flags that make a distinctive branding statement. At Exibu, we use dye sublimation printing to ensure the  graphics really ‘pop’, the beauty of this is that the technique is eco-friendly, more vibrant and takes longer to fade. How will your flag be viewed? Do you need it to be printed on both sides? There is no need to print on both sides if one side will never be seen, so really think about its location and save yourself some money. If your flag is going to be used in multiple locations then you will be grateful to know that Exibu’s flags are come with strong carry bags and pockets for protecting your printed graphics.

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