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Trade show booth in Delhi

Need A Modular Exhibition Booth or Brand Activation Unit?

Portability and Innovation are the two pillars of EXIBU. The exhibit offers quality portable displays that are easy to install and expandable that able to cater to strong advertisement messages and to catch attention from a far distance. They can be reused multiple times. A smart Exhibition Display solution, individual square panel link quickly together to build anything from a backdrop to a complete full-featured stand. Make sure your booth structure and graphics deliver a wow- factor, as the trend seeker is captivated by the unique, differentiating brand qualities.

Exhibit Graphics

Graphics should be bold and easy to read from across the exhibit hall. They should carry your company name and logo and be viewable from a distance from at least 20 feet. It is the printing and designing of the exhibition booth that decides the impact it has on the visitors. We print with our high definition Dye Sublimation graphics.

Do Effective Promotions with Exhibition Booth

In an increasingly digital world, trade shows and events offer the organization a unique opportunity- face time with key customers and prospects. Exhibiting at trade shows is an invaluable way to market your brand and build relationships, as it allows you to showcase products and services to highly targeted individuals, learn about current trends in your industry, see what your competitors are doing and foster your relationships with customers. Exibu, a company that is known for its innovative idea for promotions and advertisements. Exibu understands the importance of one's brand image and we make sure we live up to the quality and expectations. After selecting the perfect exhibit partner, it is important to familiarize yourself with the most popular exhibit layout and types. With the range of exhibit options available, you will need to select the solution that is not only cost effective, but that will help you to accomplish your on-the-floor goals. From designing and producing an exhibit around your goals to coordinating event services, our expert executives make exhibiting easy.

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