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The Future of The Post Pandemic Exhibition Industry

Will Virtual Events be the new normal?

Coronavirus is throwing a curveball at B2B event organizers, making events dangerous or even impossible to carry out. The global pandemic of Covid-19 has permanently transformed the events and exhibitions industry. Indeed this industry was the first to be impacted by the effects of the COVID-19.

The exhibition industry stimulates trade or business transactions and boosts the growth of various spectrums of the industry while also being a colossal employment provider. Trade shows have been the most popular vehicules to promote products and connect with customers. By bringing together a large number of people in one location, trade shows have provided a unique
opportunity for firms to form face-to-face connections and launch new products.

Virtually all tradeshows or exhibitions were halted or postponed with no real confidence that any future date will be attainable. One of the many upcoming problems is the difficulty of reorganizing an event without a timescale to work on.

In light of trade shows cancellations, tradeshows are turning into digital events, webinars, and direct mail. As people are encouraged to practice social distancing, it doesn’t look like business will be going back to normal anytime soon.

Every industry is trying to adapt and prepare for the post pandemic economy. Undoubtedly, the events and exhibition industry is incredibly resilient, and our human need to interact and exchange information face to face will soon enough result in a progressive recovery .

The Future Of Trade Shows

1. Virtual Events- Virtual events can reach a wider audience than traditional events. Such events provide the industrywide exposure of an in-person show while reducing travel expenses and save tear-down costs.

2. Organized Webinars- Online conferences and presentations allow brands to invite consumers, and industry insiders to discuss and promote their products in a low-key manner.

3. Special Events- Businesses can also host their product launch and announcements events for industry insiders and stream such events online to reach a bigger worldwide audience.
The best thing we can do right now is to adapt to the changing environment. In a post-COVID-19 world, businesses will likely scale back on frequent travel and mass gatherings. This will directly impact trade shows, but the new environment will only accelerate a growing trend towards a fully-virtual market place.

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